Three things in Sara’s long-ago background had great influence on her recent career experience.  One: her father owned a small-town Red and White grocery store, and she worked there every weekend throughout her high school years.  It was there she learned about working with people — an invaluable education.  Two: her college major was merchandising, a seemingly natural fit for Sara.   Three: in a post-college/early-adulthood conversation with her father, Sara told him, “Someday I would like to own my own business.”  Sara’s father asked her what kind of business, to which she replied that it did not matter as long as it was something unique to where she was.

Fast forward to Philip having started Beleza and the day he pulled off the road and prayed for a woman to help with his women’s accessories store.  In a perfect example of “be careful what you pray for”, not only did Philip get a woman to help with the store, but also he got a wife!  When Sara and Philip married, it was not the intent for Sara to work at the store, but within a very few months, that’s where she found herself, both literally and figuratively.  It makes a lot of sense to have ownership in presence at a small business.  Lucky for Sara, working at Beleza became the best job she ever had.  Just like her time at the Red and White, interacting with people was her favorite part; she came full circle!

Now that Sara is interested and excited to see where it will take everyone.