Madagascar Lamba 1520 – Including Fringe 18 x 80 Inches


16 x 84 inches with fringe

100% Natural Silk Indigenous to Madagascar. The design on this lamba is unique and found only in Madagascar.  Called aloalo, the designs were originally done in wood and placed on the tomb to indicate information about the deceased.  Eventually the designs became more universal and are now on clothing as well.  The actual meaning of the designs has been lost during the years. Soft hand to the touch. Fair trade involved.  Often called Malagasy silks, these scarves are culturally some of the most significant textiles in the world. In the native language, they are called lambas. Handcrafted from cocoon to finished product. Natural dyes and synthetic dyes carefully selected to be safe for the women and the environment. Four inch fringe on each end. Dry clean.

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