Nilsonworking2 Ronilson de Assis Magalhaes, otherwise known as Nilson, enjoys working with metal and semiprecious stones. Nilson creates exceptionally unique jewelry in his Rio de Janeiro shop. He has been dedicated to his craft for over 20 years and has created a truly beautiful design style recognized throughout Brazil. His work is currently displayed at one of the premier artists’ fairs in Brazil – the famous Hippie Fair in Rio – where Sara and Philip found him in 2008. Philip has visited him several times and enjoys spending time with his family.

Using alpaca silver, Nilson carefully welds the metal into designs that are then embedded with semi-precious stones including amethyst, onyx, rose agate, citrine and many others. Nilson is continuously working to create new designs. He is also committed to training others to work with him and is recognized as an excellent mentor and teacher.