Navichoc Weavers

The Navichoc family weavers have joined Crafted by Friends to provide amazing scarves. All of this was made possible by the contacts provided by Tina Osuna who directs Women of Hope.

In the picture to the right is the Navichoc family who use their weaving skills to make the vibrant and colorful scarves seen on Etsy. Juana is 42 yrs old and is the mother of the two girls shown, Sheila and Madaly. 

When making the scarves, Shelia and Madaly usually help their mother in preparing the yarn and weaving. After the weaving the scarves, Juana usually dyes the yarns using natural substances to dye thread, like hibiscus flowers, charcoal, carrots, herbs for the colors. At the end of the dying process, banana tree bark is added to the water mix to render the yarn colorfast.  

To see their amazing craftmanship, please visit their storefront on Etsy