The Artisans

Crafted by Friends is a fair trade company supporting many international artisans across the globe. Below are the artisans who do wonderful work with the sale of each of their products.


Nilson is a jewelry designer located in Brazil. Dedicated to his craft for over 20 years, he creates a truly beautiful design style. He is also very much involved in community development with using profits from his sales to provide assistance to people in need. Read More


Women of Hope

 Women of Hope is an online store filled with jewelry crafted in Guatemala. WOH helps Guatemalan women have a safe space to use their talents to obtain a fair wage. Read More


Women of Soatanana

Women of Soatanana, Madagascar craft amazing and colorful scarves. They start by removing silk fibers from cocoons, spin the fibers into yarn, then dye and weave into scarves. It can take one week for one scarf to be made! Read More


Navichoc Weavers

The Navichoc family use their weaving skills to make the vibrant and colorful scarves seen on Etsy. Juana is 42 yrs old and is the mother of the two girls shown, Sheila and Madaly. Read More