Ronilson de Assis Magalhaes (Nilson)

Nilsonworking2 Ronilson de Assis Magalhaes, otherwise known as Nilson, enjoys working with metal and semiprecious stones. He creates exceptionally unique jewelry in his Rio de Janeiro shop. Dedicated to his craft for over 20 years, he creates a truly beautiful design style recognized throughout Brazil. Throughout the years, Sara and Philip, CBF store owners, visited him several times in Brazil and enjoyed spending that time with him, his family, and the others who work with him,

Using either brass, copper, or alpaca silver, Nilson carefully welds the metal into designs, then embedded the metal with semi-precious stones, including amethyst, onyx, rose agate, citrine and many others. He continuously works to create new designs to further showcase his remarkable skill.

Additionally, Nilson is very much involved with community development. With his excellent mentoring and teaching skills, he trains others to work with him in his store. Moreover, he provides food and medical assistance for families in need in his community.  He provides this assistance with proceeds from his sales from Crafted by Friends.